Since independence, Namibia has faced persistent challenges in unemployment, particularly youth unemployment; housing shortage, gender-based violence; corruption; limited or lack of adequate physical infrastructure; sanitation and income inequality. All the National Planning Commission plans attempted to address these societal and economic challenges to propel the country to realise vision 2030.

NamibRe has strategically aligned the Corporate Social Responsibility and Investments strategy and approach in line with Namibia’s national development goals in order to aid government address persisting challenges that country is faced with.

NamibRe was created with the objective of providing reinsurance services in the local industry to minimize the placement of such services in the foreign markets and contribute towards curbing excessive capital outflow. It is envisaged that the funds kept in the country can be diverted towards national economic growth (i.e., used for infrastructure development, development of new products to protect the industry, skills development, sustainable investments etc).

The Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibilities and Investments are founded on the following Strategic Pillars: Health, Education, Sports and Arts, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure development and Sustainable.

Sustainability - Clean Up Windhoek Campaign (year 2022)

We will empower communities and foster a sustainable environment in which they can also demonstrate improved living conditions through a variety of social investment projects including but not limited to agricultural scheme and food security.

Health - Food Parcel donated to Origo Primary School

Any economy necessitates the existence of a healthy and capable community. The Corporation recognizes the need for primary healthcare that is functional and accessible to the communities. Accordingly, effective, and efficient medical infrastructure and standards, grounded on ethical values and principles promote equitable health care and resource distribution.

Education - Laptop Handover to UNAM & NUST (Year 2022)

Education is a powerful agent of change in any community which can contribute to improved livelihoods of the people, social stability, and consequently promoting long-term economic growth. NamibRe will contribute to education in areas of infrastructure, capacity building, skills development, bursaries, and training in line with its mandate.

Twaloloka fire handover