Non-Life Business

Public Sector Solutions

Governments, just like business organisations, are exposed to risks of many kinds. Our public sector Solutions are focused exclusively on bringing together resource specialists and expertise to produce tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the governments

  • We produce tangible results through tailored reinsurance services that deliver products to meet the government's current and evolving exposures.
  • NamibRe is committed to providing customized reinsurance programs that meet the unique risk management needs of the governments at all levels to strengthen their resilience strategies. Our specialists will tailor reinsurance products to meet your specific needs.

Vehicles and Associated Liabilities

Covers vehicle owners (private & commercial) from potential financial risks. This cover provides owners with financial security against damages that arise from accidents and any other threats.

  • Motor Own Damage insurance - helps owners with coverage against any damages caused to your car by unforeseen events i.e. accidents fire, theft, etc.
  • An own damage cover compensates the owner for the cost to repair or replace parts of their car which have been damaged in the accident or purchase a new car.
  • Motor Third Party Liability – provides motor owners with coverage against legal liability that may arise from a third party as a result of an accident caused by motor vehicle owners.

Personal Lines

At NamibRe, we understand the challenges, and risks that go along with protecting your personal valuable items. This product is purchased by an individual/family, as opposed to an organization, to protect against personal risks.

  • The focus is on protecting the financial interests of an individual or family, rather than a corporate or business entity.
  • Personal Lines Insurance lower the personal financial risk, if an insurable event of loss occurs. The high cost associated with just one catastrophic event could place individuals in serious financial hardship or debt. This includes, personal vehicles, building, house contents e.g. TV, couch, beds, cell phone, jewellery, watercrafts etc.

Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural production and food security is a backbone of every economy. However, climate changes threaten farmers’ livelihoods, as do pests and diseases. Poor harvests can prevent farmers from repaying their loans and access to credit.

  • Agricultural insurance is a valuable financial instrument for farmers. It increases their resilience by avoiding or limiting potentially devastating financial losses. This prevents them from falling into poverty. Insurance also eases access to finance and increases famers’ productivity. With Agri insurance, farmers can confidently invest in their farms and adopt new technologies that enable economic prosperity and poverty alleviations.
  • At NamibRe, we understand that agriculture is the antidote to many economic illnesses. In recent years, the world has encountered a range of compounding shocks i.e. droughts, floods, wildfires, and most recently, a worldwide pandemic.
  • Agri business insurance - Specialises in providing insurance coverage to farmers.
  • Crop insurance - Crop insurance products include Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) and numerous Named Peril Insurance products.

Guarantee Insurance

Involves the undertaking to perform an agreement/contract or to discharge a trust, duty or obligation upon default of the person liable for such performance or to pay money upon such default or in lieu of such performance or where there is loss or damage through such default.

Marine Hull, Cargo and Liabilities

Our marine insurance offerings include: Marine cargo insurance – provides covers against physical loss or damage from an external cause that occurs while goods are enroute to their final destination.

  • Marine hull & liability insurance - covers damage or loss to the vessel, including its machinery and equipment, as well as legal liability to any third party arising due to shipping risks and perils of the seas.
  • Marine hull & liability insurance - covers damage or loss to the vessel, including its machinery and equipment, as well as legal liability to any third party arising from shipping risks and perils of the seas.
  • Inland Marine insurance - covers products, materials and equipment when transported over land e.g., via truck or train or while temporarily warehoused by a third party.
  • Project Cargo insurance - Project Cargo Insurance provides the necessary financial protection against the loss or damage sustained to project equipment while in transit, including:
  • Physical damage or total loss of goods during transit (based on All Risk), Delay in Start-up (DSU) and Advanced Loss of Profits (ALOP).

Renewable Energy

In a dire need to decarbonise our portfolio, NamibRe offers risk solutions to Renewable Energy initiatives. We aim to create a one stop shop for these kinds of innovations by offering protection during construction phases and subsequently ensuring the sustainability of concepts through operational reinsurance covers.

Engineering Risks

Engineering insurance refers to the insurance that provides economic safeguard to the risks faced by an ongoing construction project, installation project, and machines and equipment in project operation.


Aviation insurance provides coverage for hull losses as well as liability for passenger injuries, environmental and third-party damage caused by aircraft accidents.


Fire insurance covers damage or loss to a property because of fire, and it covers the cost of replacement and repair or reconstruction of the property.

Medical Insurance

Medical (Health) insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual’s medical and surgical expenses.

Special Riot Risk

Special riot risk insurance provides cover against damage to property and consequential loss caused by, riot or civil commotion; strikes, lock outs and labour disturbances;

  • acts to overthrow or influence any State or Government or any local authority with force or by means of fear, terrorism or violence; acts with a political objective or to bring about social or economic change, or in protest against (authority) or for the purpose of inspiring fear in any section of the public.